NFC Task Manager



Simple, Elegant and User Friendly NFC Tag Reader and Writer to perform task management for your phone at different location according to requirement.

The NFC task manager app allows you to switch your phone settings easily by touching a NFC tag or sticker. The software aimed to reduce the complicity of the modern NFC tag software and only focus on what is required in the common settings.

Once an NFC tag or sticker is programmed, it can be placed in one of the 4 most commonly place that people requires to change their settings.

You could also use this app to share your settings with your family, colleagues or friends with an NFC tag or sticker provided that the app is installed. Even if one does not have the app installed, by scanning the programmed tag, it will take him/her to Google play to download the app.

It can also program an NFC tag to launch another app of your selection as long as it has been installed on your phone.

In Summary, the cool task you could perform with this app and an NFC tag:
1.    Turn Bluetooth on and off
2.    Turn WIFI on and off
3.    Turn Airplane mode on or off (root required after 4.2)
4.    Setup media volume
5.    Setup ringtone volume
6.    Turn vibrate when silent on and off
7.    Launch an installed app
8. Setup alarm volume

Note:  The App requires a minimum of type 2 (144 bytes) NFC tag or sticker, but preferably for having a type 3 (1k bytes) NFC tag if you would like to add a launch App command.

The App will also require an android device with NFC read and write function.

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