Night Mode (Free)



One click to switch off the sounds before go sleep and good night!
This application is particularly useful for all those phones that do not allow to separate the ringer and notifications volumes (for example Nexus devices).
Who needs to be on call 24 hours per day, knows how annoying it is to be awakened by notifications for new emails or updates from social networks.
When night mode is activated appears an icon in the status bar, and all sounds except for the alarm clock are turned off.
If you got an incoming call, all the sounds will be turned on in order to make the phone ring, and when you hang up the phone returns in silent mode.
If the phone is switched off or restarted, while night mode is active, the next time you turn on your phone night mode will be automaticaly deactivated.
The application doesn't consume battery power, occupies low memory, and is simple to use because it don't requires any configuration.

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