Night Vision



If you need a free Night Vision Tool, this is the android application for you.

It is designed primarily as a Night Vision App, it gives you the effect of night vision system.
When you see a objects that are exposed on low light you will have a feeling that you have a real night vision in your hands.

- REAL TIME Night Vision Camera Effects
- Night vision effects
- Zoom the objects
- Optical zoom (4x, exactly)
- High resolution images

Android phones cameras does not have the capability like a night vision systems so you will not be able to see in dark. But when is low light you
can enjoy in the effect of an night vision system.

It is a better solution then monocular cause it looks like an binoculars.

It is not jus a night vision it is also a tool for zooming.

Night vision is the ability to see in low light conditions, but with an android device it is hard to impossible to simulate a real night vision tool,
the thing that can be easily achieved is a simulation to night vision, meaning something that will look like a real night vision. But can not act the same.

Night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range but this is hard to be
implemented on an small device like a smartphone.

Humans have poor night vision compared to many animals but using tools the vision can be enhanced.

This application also have a zooming options, meaning you can leverage the zooming features.
Use the zoom in and out buttons to zoom the objects and take a closer look of them.
Optional 4x to 10x Zoom

And leave suggestions for improvements!

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