night.bat. Night Battery Saver



- With WiFi and 2G Network Nexus S working 4 days on battery.
- After several days of tests on Nexus 4 and Nexus S, new version allows to extend battery life from 19h (normal using phonecalls, internet, etc.) to 47.5h! It's more than 100% :)


When you install our app, and if you want save energy while you sleep, just
choose your sleep hours, mark days and tap SET. That's all :)
NEW: If you want have internet when you wake up in middle of night, just check "Unlock with Internet" in Settings (from v. 1.3 - Service in background monitor screen on/off)

We are using power saver apps from Google Play, but they are very complex,
a lot of options, a lot of buttons, preferences....
We want create something small (under 400kB, where 300kB is custom font:)),
and very easy in use. So we developed Night.bat., its short from Night Battery Saver.

If you have questions or if you have new ideas, please send to us e-mail:)

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