No Long-Press Call



Disable your hardware call button long-press action.

This overrides the call button long-press action, such as Voice Dialer, with a task that has minimal overhead.

Should also work for bluetooth headsets.

Completely free with no ads.

# Instructions
1) Perform a long-press of the call button
2) In the 'Complete action using' dialog, check the 'Use by default for this action' checkbox, and select '! No Long-Press Call'
3) Your call long-press should now effectively do nothing.

# Details

Includes a long-press call button manager.

In technical terms, this overrides the intent action for 'VOICE_COMMAND'. If this intent is not triggered when you perform a long-press of the search button, this application does nothing for you.

This application is useless on the following devices:
* Other devices that do not broadcast the intent for 'VOICE_COMMAND'
* Devices without a call button

# Permissions
Used to clear default actions for Android 2.1 and below. Does nothing for Android 2.2 and up.

# Notes
I had trouble getting this to work in the Android 3.x and 4.x emulators. The Android API documentation does not tell me that the intent would be disabled in those versions of Android, so I have elected to allow for these users to download this application even though it may be untested for their devices. Please report back to me if you find that it does not work on your device.

Tested for Android 1.6-2.3.

Voice dialer, long-press call

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