NoBrowser is a tool that allows you to avoid the launch of the Android browser in some circunstances.

It was mainly coded with Twitter use and low end devices in mind. For example, how many times have you read a tweet with a or link that is a redirection to a Youtube video? If you touch it, the browser is first launched and then the Youtube App. If you have a low end device (as a HTC Magic), you know how slow is that!

With NoBrowser, you could select it rather than browser, and because NoBrowser is a little program, all the process is very quick!

Since 1.2.0 version, links to the new Android Market (starts with https://) are supported! No more browser launch!

Another feature is that you can view "Long tweets" from ( ) Once again, you will not have to open a browser to view the complete tweet!

Hope you like it!

Write me an email if you have comments.

Source code available here:

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