Note It



Note It was made to be easy to use and easy to manage.

Note It has the ability to make notes without complications. You are not limited to putting all your notes into a folder.

You are in control of your notes and wither you put them into a folder or just making a quick note on a whim.
Fast note such as:
call John Doe from blind date or pick up medicine from pharmacy, this was made with you in mind.
You will not have to fumble with finding a pen and paper when this application is on your phone.
* Fast note, make your notes on a whim
* If you have many notes you are allowed to put them into a folder
* You are not forced to make a folder for a single note or even multiple notes
* Notes can be made of numbers to call or remember or just to remind you to pick something up
* No need for pens or pencils and paper that can be lost

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