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*NEW FEATURE: Widget-Support -> Place a widget of your list on your home-screen*
*NEW FEATURE: Voice Control -> notes can be added by voice.*

With this free notes app, it is possible to create and manage multiple lists of notes. The functions are limited to the least, without frills.

Additional informations:

By pressing the symbol with the two arrows, right beside your list-name, you reach the Top-Menu. From here you can add new, edit and send (SMS/EMail/...) lists, sort positions and open the configuration-view.

- Add note by voice: Tap the microfon-symbol at the upper-left and speak.

- Add note: Tap the plus-symbol at the upper-left corner.

- Widget: Change to "Widgets" on your device and choose the notes-app-icon.

- Change: To jump from a list to another, click into the selection field on top.

- Mark note as completed: Click an item on your list to switch between "done" (position is striked) and "to do" (position is non striked).

- Edit: Press a a position on your list for a longer time, and it opens a menu, where you can edit or remove the selected position.

- Sort notes: Choose the third symbol from left at the Top-Menu, to open the Sort-View. Select a position, and move it by clicking the up-/down-arrows.

- Configuration: Press the gear-wheel-symbol at the Top-Menu, to open the Configuration-Dialog. There you will find a lot of configuration-oportunities, to change the frontend of the app. You can choose from different Background-Images, and combine it with nearly unlimited font- and backgroundcolors. The size of the font is also able to be changed. From this configuration-view you can import and export your data as well.

If you already use our lite-version (free), you can assume your data from there. Choose the option "Export for Pro-Version" from the Mainmenu. Then go back to the Pro-Version, open the configuration-dialog and press import. Finally you need to confirm by clicking the import-symbol next to "Import from free-/lite-version".

If you are satisfied with this application, we're looking forward to your assessment in the Android market. Your suggestions and criticisms will help us to identify areas for improvements and to meet your needs and requirements in the future. Thanks a lot!

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