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This is Free version of my new Notification Bar Launcher, it fulfill a slight overlook that most OS makers made; there is no easy and fast way to access your apps the way you could when there was a Start button persistent on any screen.

This free version and its Full version differs in two ways:

  • here you can bookmark only 1 app for quick access, while you can only bookmark more than one in the full version.

  • it does not auto-run after device powers down and re-started.

It is tiresome when you had to tap/click to Home Screen, and perhaps more taps on Launcher or swipe to the right screen before the link to run the app you want is presented to you. Why not having something on the notification bar and you can run whatever app right there? After all it is there at all times and it does have some extra space to do so.

By offering to browse all pseudo-apps you also get to access shortcuts straight to Settings and hidden features like "Usage Statistics"

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