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Notification Launcher is a launcher which can start an application from a notification area.

The feature is the ability for it to be able to arrange to one row, and to start by a one tap.

Following three can be arranged on a launcher.
- Application
- Shortcut
- Toggle switch

The kind of toggle switch is as follows.
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- 3G
- Screen Rotation
- Silent mode
- Vibrate mode
- Airplane mode
- Wake Lock
- USB tethering
- WiFi access point
- Brightness
- Auto Sync

* tethering, for the access point.
Even if you subscribe to flat-rate plan, you may cost. Please note.

* If you have any suggestions or comments & bug reports
Comments please contact us via e-mail to us.

ver 0.8
add app,shortcut icon change menu.
add background color change menu.
add black color icon on status bar.

ver 0.7.2
bug fix and delete background color change menu.

ver 0.7.1
bug fix.

ver 0.7
Multi line support.
Add new icon(Battery and Date)
Add background color change menu.

ver 0.6
Add toggle switch icon change menu.

ver 0.5
Added brightness of the screen, toggle switch for automatic synchronization.
Other minor bug fixes.
Added the right to change the synchronization with the fix.

ver 0.4.1
Fixes an issue where if an error occurs when you start shortcut.
Fixed a problem where WakeLock to become invalid.
Fixes an issue where a malfunction of click Android4.0.

ver 0.4
Added a toggle switch WakeLock, USB tethering, WiFi access point.
The startup behavior of terminals, display position, we have to be able to set the icon.

ver 0.3.1
Fix the problem does not start

ver 0.3
Add a toggle switch

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