NZ Grid Reference



This "NZ Grid Reference" application is for using with Zealand topographic maps. It displays the current GPS location in NZ grid/map reference format and in the associated NZTM2000 format.

This app is good for easily getting your current location on your paper topo-map.

The grid lines on a NZ topo map are marked with the same values of the NZ grid/map reference. For example grid ref, "AV30 198 982" would translate on the paper map to 19.8 on the east/horizontal axis & 98.2 on the north/vertical axis.

This purpose of this application is to give the current location in the same co-ordinates of the paper topo maps. There are other free applications like "outdoor atlas" that display off-line NZ topomaps on the phone. It is not the intention of this application to duplicate that functionality.

GPS devices often do not get a position fix inside and can be affected by the environment, trees weather, etc. If there are problems getting a position fix, try moving to a slightly different location and to a location with clear line of site to the sky.

Thank you for the feedback emailed so far. It is appreciated.

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