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If you’ve ever struggled to read the menu in a dimly lit restaurant, or written a piece of crucial information on a sticky note only to lose track of it — then this is the perfect app for you.

Old Person App combines a magnifying glass, flashlight, and large-print notebook in one simple interface. With its big text and straightforward navigation, this app is extremely easy to use. You can even use the flashlight in combination with the magnifying glass or notebook.

The magnifying glass shows a zoomed view of whatever your camera is pointing to. For best results, hold the magnifying glass close to what you’re reading.

Use the flashlight to see in the dark. You can use it with the magnifying glass to read small print in dim light, or combine it with the notebook to copy something down.

Use the notebook to write down reminders, grocery lists, or anything else. You can add, edit, or delete notes whenever you want. Give your note a title, or skip that part and we'll automatically name it after the first few words of the note. Notes are listed in order of when you last edited them.

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