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Create counters for yourself or with others online and let multiple people join in and contribute to the same count and compare each others totals. Easily create an online counter and send the generated counter PIN to whomever you would like to join in on your counter. They can then enter the PIN on their device and join in on the count. No registrations or signing in needed.

Use the online counter to track scores or games with friends. Use the online counter with your colleagues to track inventory around the premises. Keep a record of how many orders have been processed for the day between staff in different locations.Track who can go the most days without smoking and track the accumulate the total days. Online Counter can be used in any situation where you or multiple people need to keep track of something. Of course offline counters can also be created if only you need to keep a count.

Once you have created or joined an online counter on the count tab you will see the total count and your individual count. Hit the inviting button to increase your count. Then hit the Update Online Counter tab to send your total to everybody else on the counter and retrieve their totals and see who has counted the most, or how close you are to your collective goal.

There is a menu button on the main counter screen which gives you additional features. Hit the reset button to be able to reset your count to whatever number you want. There is an open Text Box for you to enter a new number. The email option will generate an email for you to send which will detail your counters stats. It is a great way to share the counter with other people as the email includes the Counter Pin

An internet connection is required for online counts.

Decrease your count.
Reset your count to a new number.(Added)
Increase your count by a select number (i.e increase the count by 5 every time the count button is pressed).
Sort Counters by Total Count / Alphabetically / Number of people joined in.
Email the count details.(Added)
...& more in the long term.

If you have any comments or features you would like to see in Online Counter please email or leave a review and rate the app.

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