With OnScreenOff you can extend your battery life by disconnecting the data connectivity, WiFi or Bluetooth when you do not need it. In addition, allows you to automate state changes, connections and disconnections of the connectivities, to save precious minutes of your phone battery.

With its three operating profiles (day mode, night mode and low battery mode) you can define a range of sleep when the phone battery will save even more with its alternate configuration, also fully configurable.

You can also set the screen brightness and display the current percentage of battery in the Android notification bar.

NOTE: In some terminals normal mode on / off data does not work. This is an alternative mode of operation, you can activate from the configuration.

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OnScreenOff offers these features:
* It has three independently configurable profiles: day mode, night mode and low battery mode
* Allows you to manage the behavior of the data connection when the screen turns off or on. The connection can be turned on or off completely, or toggle your online status periodically
* Allows you to manage the same way the Wifi and Bluetooth
* Allows you to enable and/or disable the airplane mode in night and low battery mode
* Allows you to control the connectivities during calls
* Helps protect synchronized bluetooth connections (such as car hands-free, etc)
* Enable and disable connections at a configurable intervals to allow applications to access the Internet while still saving battery
* Can be disabled automatically when the handset is charging
* New features to save more battery are added in each release

NOTE: Some features require the ProKey, available in the Android Market

Permissions explanation:
* To autostart whit the device: RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
* To manage connections during calls: READ_PHONE_STATE
* To manage data connection, alternate mode (APN): WRITE_APN_SETTINGS
* To manage wifi connection: ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, CHANGE_WIFI_STATE
* To manage bluetooth connection: BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN
* To manage airplane mode connection: WRITE_SETTINGS
* To save application log in SD card: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

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