This application opens any
or shortened URL in your
mobile browser.

It's easy to use: You only
have to type the last part
of the URL.

If the URL is, you
only have to type "hj3vVq" and
click the button to open
the website.

* support
* support
* Home Screen Widget
* Saves last used URL

This application does not access any
of your private data. It simply
takes you to the commanded url.

To shorten long URLs, we recommend
using one of the available Google
Chrome or a Mozilla Firefox Extensions.

NOTE: url shortener is an
Chrome Extension which allows you to shorten
the current website URL with the
Google URL Shortener service

NOTE: The bitly Chrome extension only
transmits the links and text that
you explicitly choose to save and
share with bitly -- the same information
that you enter when you save
and share with the bitly website.
The bitly Chrome extension does not
collect any additional data about your
browsing activity or history.

Users of Internet Explorer or Firefox:
The cross-browser bitly bitmarklet is available

Release Notes:
2.1 Enabled Move to SD-card (2012-11-16)
2.0.1 Updated User interface (2012)
1.0.1 Updated User interface (2012)
1.0.0 First release (2010)

Please send your support emails and
features requests to:

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