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OpenWnn 1.3.6

OpenWnn Multi Language IME
OpenWnn Japanese/Chinese/English IME Support ARM and MIPS CPU
3 in 1 Multi Language Support IME ( Supports Multiple Languages IME )
OpenWnn Version 1.3.1 Japanese Chinese English (3 in 1) Input Method Editor

About OpenWnn
OpenWnn is a IME(Input Method Editor) package which
works on Android's IMF(Input Method Framework). This version
contains Japanese, Chinese and English IME.

Japanese Roman-Kanji convert input
Chinese PinYin HanZi convert input
English use Dictionary convert input
3 in 1 multilanguage support IME

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OpenWnn for ARM and MIPS Android Copyright (c)2011 Y.Sakamoto, FREE WING

Ainol Novo7 Basic (Android 4.0 ICS, MIPS CPU)
SoftBank ZTE 003Z V880 (Android 2.2 Froyo, ARM CPU)
au SHARP IS01 (Android 1.6 Donut, ARM CPU, Hardware Keyboard)

Simeji マッシュルーム
日本語入力 IME 日语输入法 日文
Open Wnn iWnn OMRON Google IME ピン音 拼音 PinYin ピンイン
中国語 中華 漢字 Kanji HanZi 北京語 普通語 普通話 普通话
Chinese China Japan English Plus qwerty
OpenWnn Japanese, Chinese and English IME
Support ARM and MIPS CPU
Input Method
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