Essential calculators for RF Engineering. The integrated calculators with the OptPCS Wireless Optimization tool have been placed into this application for basic RF use. These formulas are universal across GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WCDMA, WiMax, and LTE.


Field Strength: Input the RF Signal Power, Frequency, and Receive Antenna gain to determine the Field Strength in V/m

Free Space Path Loss: Input the frequency and distance to determine the free space path loss in dB

Frequency Wavelength: Determine the wavelength from the frequency input

Power Conversion: Convert power to and from Watts & dBm interchangeably

Masking Effect: Calculate VSWR, Forward & Reflected Power, Rho and other values at the antenna and transmitter side

We will be continually adding and evolving the OptPCS RFCalc application. Need another formula or have a suggestion? Email us at: support@ttswireless.com

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