Orientation Control



Orientation control is the first TRUE orientation locking app that can lock the orientation in LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT mode.

NO rooting required!

Orientation Control serves two main purposes:
1. As an orientation lock
2. As an easy to access orientation switch shortcut. No more going through the long process of opening Settings > Display to toggle auto rotate! Even more, gain the ability to force the orientation to portrait or landscape - a feature not natively supported by Android.

Orientation Control can lock the orientation to SIX modes:
1. Landscape
2. Reversed Landscape (Android 2.3.1 and above only)
3. Portrait (Same as disabling auto rotate in phone's settings)
4. Forced Portrait (Always in portrait regardless of app!)
5. Reversed Portrait (Android 2.3.1 and above only)
6. Auto Rotate

# Lock orientation with an app shortcut, notification or long-press search
# Cycle or selector switch mode
# Includes Tasker / Locale plug-in

Because of the way Orientation Control forces the Orientation in Landscape/Forced Portrait modes, certain applications that do not support that orientation might not display properly (such as full-screen games which are only in landscape being forced to portrait). Simply switch the orientation to Portrait or Auto Rotate mode when this happens.

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