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Open Source Android Oscilloscope

Important Note: By purchasing this application from here, you are supporting the Open Source project (hardware and software), and enable us to constantly keep the application up to date. Also you will always get the most recent updates from us directly. You can download the source code and the application at http://www.osciprime.com under GPL.

This is a fully functional Android Oscilloscope. It works with the standard microphone audio input as well as with our USB Oscilloscope. It replaces our legacy version of the "OsciPrime Oscilloscope".

*Best Experience on Tablets or devices with large Screens*

Key Features:
-> Powerful multi-touch functionality in an oscilloscope like never seen before
-> All basic oscilloscope functionality (Trigger, Interleave, Measurement, Attenuation, Offset, etc.)
-> Hardware Ready: With our OsciPrime Oscilloscope hardware, you can measure real voltage sources => http://www.osciprime.com
-> Customization: Measuring in dark environments? Set up your workspace theme-colors as you like to fit your requirements.
-> Export Screenshots to PNG for further use

-> 44100 kHz Mic input Mono
-> USB Oscilloscope 2x 8 bit 6 [Msps/s]
-> http://www.osciprime.com for more Info about USB scope specs

Currently working on:
-> Testing and improving Hardware
-> Adding Logging Support for the Android Application
-> Tinkering for an Ubuntu Version of the SW

Information regarding USB Oscilloscope Hardware:
We are currently developing a new hardware board, which we will make available for ordering under http://www.osciprime.com.

Refunds: You are not happy with our Oscilloscope, or your device does not support feature XY? No problem, we are refunding you even after the standard refund window! Just get in touch with us and we will try our best to resolve the issue or refund you.

Release 19 November 2013
+ Improved Graphics performance by removing unnecessary layer
+ Font size refined to scale better with displays
+ Fixed misbehaving lower bar on 4.4 (Nexus 5)

Release 22 November 2012
+ Calibration Offset is now calculated as float (fixes bug with OsciPrime hardware)

Release 31 October 2012
+ Fixed Nullpointer in Audio Source
+ Added Buffer Preview and Window
+ USB OsciPrime: Uses double the amount of Y-Space now
+ Added xxhdpi graphics

Release 19 October 2012
+ Added debugging Option for manually setting params on the hardware
+ Fixed issue with triggering on falling edge
+ Improved trigger results for low frequencies
+ Fixed notification issue

Release 23 August 2012
+ Temporarily disabled attenuation changed when source not running
+ Added a new offset parameter for every attenuation setting
+ Added option to fetch calibration of the USB scope from our webserver
+ Fixed a bug with the network sink where it would hang until client connects
+ Added option for fullscreen mode (experimental)
+ Added option to stop data acquisition when exiting the application
+ Changed the color palette
+ Changed app name to "OsciPrime" only

Release 27 Jul 2012
+ Redone calibration implementation
+ Handles are now more flexible and easier to add
+ Added Holo Dark Style Checkboxes
+ Added Network Sink and Source (experimental)
+ Added Clipping indication (see settings)
+ Fixed default zoom level for other resolutions
+ Added Button to activate probe compensation for USB
+ Externalized some Strings

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