OTG Power Lock for Nexus 7



*Too Many people have abused the Rating system and refused to read the description, this App was only designed for Nexus 7, Too many people have A. Downloaded and complained that it didnt work for their device and left 1 star ratings, choosing not to read the description, or B. Mistook the application to do something completely irrelevant and then complained. So it is now disabled to everyone but Nexus 7's if you would like the app for your device send me an email.

**This is only used to lock the power on an OTG device, it will not mount the disk**

Does your device have a wierd problem of going into standby and removing power from your OTG device, only to be awoken with the OTG device still asleep? Well This is for you.

It uses a Dynamic Partial Wake Lock, That will prevent your Device from putting your OTG to sleep.

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