Supports the following two methods.
- "Use packet data" setting changes directly … for Android2.3 later
- APN (Access Point Name) setting change … for previous Android2.2

[Functions(Free version)]
- "Use packet data" setting changes function
- APN (Access Point Name) setting changes function
- Auto Disconnect function after a certain time
- Incoming mail check function

[Functions(Paid version)]
- Auto connect when receiving mail
- Connect / disconnect features when Sleep / Wake function
- Function to switch to airplane mode / Use packet Data / WiFi / according to the schedule
- Change Icon function
- Integration with the external application (Receiver / Service)
Please refer to the ""

- "Use packet data" setting change function may not work depending on the version of Android and handsets.

- Please check free version if it works before you use the paid version.
- When use a paid version, please uninstall free version.

v1.13.0 : Add StatusBar icon.
v1.12.0 : Add pakerin disable function.
v1.11.0 : Don’t disconnect, while Tethering.
v1.10.2 : Bug Fix
v1.10.1 : Add Expert option
v1.9.1 : Bug Fix
v1.9.0 : Add disconnect delay features when Sleep
v1.8.0 : Add Auto Disconnect function time
v1.7.8 : Bug Fix
v1.7.7 : Support Galaxy Nexus(SC-04D)
Bug Fix
v1.7.6 : Support HTC EVO 3D(ISW12HT) only ver1.09.970.5
v1.7.5 : Bug Fix
v1.7.4 : Bug Fix
v1.7.3 : Bug Fix
v1.7.2 : Bug Fix
v1.7.1 : Bug Fix
v1.7.0 : Add Change Icon function
v1.6.0 : Add schedule option
v1.5.0 : Reconfigure the menu
Add Wi-Fi option(when Sleep / Wake)
Add air plane mode option(when Sleep / Wake)
v1.4.0 : Add Expert option
v1.3.0 : Add Notification Sound feature
v1.2.2 : Bug Fix
v1.2.1 : Bug Fix
v1.2.0 : Fixed Icons of APN change mode
v1.1.0 : Add LED lighting feature(for incoming calls)
Add connect / disconnect features when Sleep / Wake
v1.0.0 : Reconfigure the settings screen
v8 : Supported to APN change function … for previous Android2.2
v7 : Release

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