Panda Calculator



Everyone loves panda!
That's right,
This is the Panda calculator ~
When the panda who is pressed,
You bounce wince in surprise!
Please doing press more and more laughs
In addition,
Since the basic functions of the calculator is equipped with one ways,
It is also possible for you to use it as usual.
Since the number of digits in the results of the calculation has become a 12-digit,
If it is not a human in computing such as the national budget,
I think whether basically okay.

While maintaining a clean image quality,
As far as possible, the size of the app itself
I was allowed to efforts to reduce.

※ In order to raise production costs of new apps,
Ads included.
That it has the inconvenience to use bidder
Apologize m (__) m
★ I was paid version released!
(Paid version of additional features)
And advertising does not appear at all.
Vibration I can of ON / OFF.
(Looks like come out and press the menu button ON / OFF menu.)

More, of two
There are additional features!
Although there is not much of a additional features,
In an attempt to make a more easy-to-use panda calculator,
Because I was best efforts are made,
Here is you use the free version of Panda calculator,
Come to those who you like,
Paid version also if you could download,
As the author, it is just happy.

I think if you could write if you have any requests!

※ general of calculator and battery, have the battery does not change.
Since the motion is also certain crisp moves crispy ♪

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