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Panic Alert + GPS tracker combines two functions: a rescue tool in an emergency and the tool for remote tracking. It uses GPS coordinates to get user's position or track someone or something and then it shows the position on a map.

The application is very helpful for personal safety, children's safety, sick or lonely people. In case of illness or danger you just need to press the red button to notify relatives and pass the last known position.

In addition, do not need to wait until a loved one sends the last location. It can be returned remotely. Remote access can be used to track objects like a car. In developing countries car thefts happen quite often. Simple leave a phone in the trunk and any time you will be able to get the current position of your property.

Panic button: how it works?
After you tap the big, red button the application sends a panic SMS immediately to person you set in settings. Later on, it starts to get GPS location and then send a link to a map and a lot other usable information to e-mail. Additionally, you can enable local alert. It plays very loud sound and shows helping message on the screen. It can be helpful before arriving expected help.

Remote Access: how it works?
The application expose for you a few remote commands you can send to another device.
The most important is a command to track someone.

Now you can force the oldest phones to work you thought they are totally useless junk. Put your old phone into trunk of your car and from now on, you can track it.

If you still have some Nokia phone(s) or know somebody who owns Nokia phone you can track this phone or allow to be tracking by Nokia phone. Panic Alert is available for Nokia phone by Opera Store. Panic Alert is also available for TizenOS phones and Gear smartwatches.

Now you can send a remote commands as plain SMS. In other words, you can use any device to send a command. For example: to get GPS position just type a word 'pos' and send SMS. Described in details in application Information view.

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