Pantone Approximation Browser



This utility app allows you to browse colours which approximate to Pantone solid colours and see their nearest PMS number and RGB, CMYK or Hex values.

Scroll in two ways: 1) Tap on the screen to browse up or down - tap below the centre to scroll down a colour at a time, tap above the centre to scroll up one colour at a time. 2) Drag up or down on the slider on the right of the screen.

Take a screenshot of the colours on screen via the menu. The resulting file is saved on the root level of your SDcard, with the name "Colour-XXXX.png", where XXXX is the number from the top row on the display.

This app is not produced by Pantone and has no connection with the company of that name. The app is provided as-is, do not rely on it in any way. May contain small parts. May contain nuts. Slippery when wet. YMMV.

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