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Secure Parental Control is dedicated to supporting parents in their day to day life and keeping children safe.

Our Parental Control Phone Finder app is meant for parents who want to find their missing children by a simple SMS text message. Our “Parental Control Phone Finder” app allows parents to locate their kids just by sending them an SMS text message.

Children and teens have a natural urge to wonder around and explore. We help parents to monitor, supervise, locate or to provide guidance to their children and teens in their activities and day-to-day lives. Parents have a natural desire to ensure the safety of their children and we want to help.

Our child locator app provides parents with the Peace of Mind they are looking for without any monthly recurring costs or subscriptions. Take your mobile phone and just send an SMS text message to the mobile phone of your kid. His or her location will be reported right back to you! That is technology for you.

IMPORTANT: The "Parental Control Phone Finder" app needs to be installed on the Android mobile phone of your kid!

An icon to open the settings screen will be displayed so the app will be completely visible to your kid. As a parent you can keep an eye on your children, but the children remain in full control and always have the power to turn the GPS on or off. Parents will get notified when that happens, so this issue can be addressed when needed.

To remotely find the children placed under your supervision, send them an SMS text message with FIND and their first name.

With our "Parental Control Phone Finder" app you will learn about the location of the mobile phone of your children when you feel that is urgently needed. Receive a fresh SMS text message with the updated location of your loved ones when requested. Your child will get a notification message to inform him.

Just remotely turn the Parental Control Phone Finder on once by sending it an SMS text message and receive a reply message with the latest location to keep a close eye.

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