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Secure Parental Control is dedicated to supporting parents in their day to day life and keeping children safe.

This app is forwarding duplicates of SMS text messages of your child to an authorized and secure email address of one of the parents.

Your children's smartphones allow you to stay in touch with them. But at the same time these phones act as their social hub and connection to the outside world.

• Do you know what kind of information they're sending and receiving?
• Do you know what types of SMS text messages they are getting?
• Do you know with whom they are texting?

With our Parental Control Text 2 Email app you can view any text message to see if your child is being cyber bullied or is cyber bullying someone else. It's wise to keep at least some control over your kids' wireless communication. It is crucial for both their own safety and your peace of mind as a careful parent! Mothers and fathers are looking for a secure way to monitor their daughters or sons sent and received SMS texting!

Check on the SMS text messages of your kids. Install the Parental Control Text 2 Email app on the mobile phone of your kid and check all his or her incoming and outgoing SMS text messages. All SMS text messages are forwarded to an authorized and secure email address of the father or mother so you can stay informed and involved. With the Secure SMS app for Parental Control you can read all messaging that takes place and resume control.

- Are you suspecting your kids of misbehaving and not obeying by your rules?
- Are you having doubts about your kids and would you like some better parental control?
- Are you afraid that your children might be involved in some kind of illegal activities?
- Are you afraid your daughter might be seduced and might become a victim of lover boys?
- Or do you just want to keep a closer eye on your children so you can be there for them when needed?

The best way of finding out more is by tapping into their mobile phone and reading suspicious SMS text messages. Before you take any drastic measures and have your children grounded, spend a little time investigating in what is really going on.

Take the necessary steps to understand what you are dealing with and regain control of your and their lives.

*** How to install and setup ***

• Download and install the app. on the mobile phone of your kid.
• As part of the installation the settings screen will be displayed.
• In the settings screen you can enter an email address of one of the parents.
• Save and exit the settings screen. Now you are ready to use the app.

*** How to use the app ***

• After you installed the Parental Control Text 2 Email Msg app on the mobile phone of your kid, and you entered the email address of one of the parents in the settings screen (see above, how to install and setup) all is handled automatically.
• You will receive a duplicate of all sent and received SMS text messages by email. In case the SMS text messages are no longer forwarded for unknown reason, just turn the mobile phone of your kid off and on again to restart the app.

PLEASE: Be aware to use Parental Control Text 2 Email Msg app only on authorized devices! Do not use this app. on other people's mobile phones apart from children under your supervision. An icon is displayed on the mobile phone of your kid. Your children will have the option to delete the application at all times (in which case you as a parent will obviously notice that and you can confront your children). Your child will get a notification message to inform him when the app is being used.

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