* Remember all those aritcles that tells you how a secure password should look like? Something like this: +AseeET#}AhyutTBDFSew$. Of course, it is very hard to remember such a password.
* Here is where PassG helps. It will help you generate very strong password and keep track of them with minimum effort. You just have to remember one single password, that can be even one character long, because the generated password will still be very strong, and the probability that someone will find out your passwords is ... well... very very low.

How it works?
* PassG generates passwords using the Master Password that you will supply in the first screen and the name of an entry. Suppose the entry name is my yahoo account and the Master Pwd is 1234, the application will generate the password for this entry considering both my yahoo account and 1234.

There are a lot of other Password Manager apps out there. Why use PassG?
* The biggest advantage of using PassG is that it doesn't store your passwords anywere. Every time you enter the Master Password the application will generate your passwords "on the fly" using it's internal algorithm, that guarantees that if you enter the same Master Password every time, you get the same passwords for your entries.

User permissions:
* The application needs FULL INTERNET ACCESS in order to display adds
* The application needs access to EXTERNAL STORAGE in order to be able to import and export entries

The application uses the Base64 utility class under this license:

Keywords: encryption, base64, algorithm, password generator, password manager.

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