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How can I remember all my passwords?
I need tens (mail, webmail, forums, e-commerce sites, ...) and my brain is not big enough.
I can not use the same everywhere, or even use a pattern to build them because if someone catches a few, it will guess the rest.
I do not choose them at random to be impossible to guess, because then I would have to write them down in some secret place.

Ah yes ! I found it ! I'll use the Passwanoïa application !

Using it, I just choose a simple pattern, known to me only, to build a password the memorable way, and the application then gives me a complicated version of it.
So I do not need to remember anything, and I have an "infinite" set of passwords.
Yehaa !

For my webmail account dugenou on, I use the password :
to Passwanoïa and it gives me back the real password to use:
I did not need to memorize, haha !
It is copied to the clipboard, I have to paste it to the browser, and forget it.

Notes :
+ Passwanoïa does not require any permission.
+ The obfuscation is based on the standard SHA-256 algorithm published by the NSA, and nobody to this day knows how to reverse it.
+ In the settings, you can define a fixed sentence, which complicates the scrambling.
This is stored in the application.

The construction scheme of the "clear" password must remain your own invention. It contributes to the safety of all the process.

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