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A special Calculator for your Android!
Modern electronic calculators has varied from cheap, give-away, credit-card sized models to sturdy desktop models with built-in printers. Generally, they became popular and widely used in the mid-1970s as integrated circuits made their size and cost little. And by the end of that decade, calculator prices have decreased to a point where a basic calculator is affordable to most and they became common in schools, companies and even home.
Payment Calculator is a kind of calculator available for every android users.

1.Special calculator for your bill: Click "Menu", you can choose the price, tax, tip split and FX rate according to your need and input the account of each term. Tax: you should input the percentage by clicking it and the calculator will calculate how much you should pay for automatically according to the amount of your price. Split, if there is a big get-together of your friends, for the fee it may be paid by everyone. So you should split the total much. Input the numbers of person and the money for each one will be displayed at the end. For the above, the result will be displayed one the screen as total. Do you feel interested in it? Try it!
2.It is free for all the users. Never fear that you will pay for it!
3.It can be also called scientific calculator or students calculator or even the common calculator. It supports the common or the basic operations, such as Add, subtract, multiple and divide. There is no problem to solve your difficulty in daily life. For this function, you can find "calculator" from menu.

If you are a students, you will use the scientific calculator or math calculator or even the equation calculator to help you in solving asthmatic difficulty which you encounter in study, such as equation, fraction or function and so on. If you are a businessmen or the white collar, you may choose to calculate data problem online, for Internet is available in office. Payment Calculator will calculate your tips, tax or even FX rate.
With payment calculator,
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