Are you using WOL( Wake On Lan ) to boot your pc ?
How do you shut down it ?
Open remote control console, and do some shutdown operation or send commands?
If you got this app, you don't have to do manually such annoying operations.
* Booting pc which located at home from cafe
* Booting pc automatically when you arrived at office / home
* even if you are watching movies saved in the pc via DLNA in bed, you can shut down pc without leaving out of the bed.
such life is waiting for you.

[Supported OS]
* Windows ( XP, Vista, 7 )
* Linux ( testing on Ubuntu )
* Mac OS ( for tester )

[Supported Procotol]
* Wake On Lan
* SSHv2 ( su, sudo, password-auth, psk-auth )
* WinRM ( http, https, basic-auth )
* WMI ( by addon )
* RemoteDesktopp ( by addon )

setup demo:

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