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    Fix Computer problems, remove Viruses/Spyware and run Computer diagnostics from your mobile Android device.

    ---APP FEATURES---
    1. Computer Diagnostics
    2. Computer Repairs
    3. Virus and Spyware Removal
    4. Microsoft Windows Repair and Optimization.
    5. Microsoft Windows Software restore.
    6. Basic computer diagnostics such as; hardware and driver scans, Memory and hard drive utilization, memory and peripheral diagnostic and Windows software diagnostics.
    7. Computer Troubleshooter, Hardware and Software reporting.
    8. Email feature for sending computer diagnostic and report information.
    9. Computer Security analyzer such as Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.

    W3 Mobile

    After installing the App, simply plug your mobile device into your computer with your supplied USB interface cable and run the Setup file. Your Mobile device mounts as a USB drive on your PC and the SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE file will be located on the USB drive.

    [[[[ REQUIRED ]]]] To use PC Tech Checker, you must connect to your computer's wireless network and you must have your device's USB cable.
    Also your computer must at least start into the Windows Desktop. PC Tech Checker can't physically repair a hardware problem.

    *** If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to use the PC Tech Checker App.
    For general questions regarding requirements, ask a question on our support forum and we will assist you.

    --- INSTRUCTIONS ---
    Download the PC Tech Checker App.
    1. Turn on / Enable your mobile devices Wireless connection [ REQUIRED ] and connect to your computer's wireless network.
    2. Open / Run the PC Tech Checker App. Follow the instructions on First Screen.
    3. Connect your mobile device to the computers USB port using the mobile device's USB cable [ REQUIRED }. This may also be the charging cable.
    4. Once connected, on your mobile device select the ""Connection Type"" . To do this, slide down the notification bar at the top on your device and select ""Disk Drive"" or ""Mount as Disk drive""
    5. After making the above selection, you will be prompted by your computer's Autoplay feature, Select ""Open Folder to View Files"" . Click on open folder to view files and locate the File named "" SETUP.EXE "", double click and (run) this file. If you are not prompted by the Autoplay feature, Navigate to My Computer and locate the new Removable Disk and open the Disk. Then locate the file named SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE and run it.
    6. Setup will run and install several files and setup your computer to use PC Tech Checker.
    7. AFTER the install has finished, Disconnect the USB cable for 5 seconds and then reconnect it.
    8. Next Enable USB Debugging on your Mobile device. To do this, from your device's Home screen go to Menu --Settings--Applications--Development--Then Check or select USB Debugging. Go back to PC Tech Checker App and click Next.
    Keep the USB cable connected.

    Once all the software is installed, you can start running repairs and diagnostics on your computer.
    If your not sure what to do first, start off by reading your computer's reports. The reports contains all the diagnostic info relating to your PC. If you have a problem on your computer that we do not have a fix for, submit a request in our user forum and we may add it in the next release.
    If you have general computer questions, visit our PC REPAIR 101 section for FAQs. Most of the common computer issues are covered here.
    --- REQUIREMENTS ---
    Wireless and device USB Cable
    Personal Computer with an available USB port running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
    75 mb of free space on computer hard drive.
    512 MB of Ram

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