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This widget allows you to remotely start, hibernate and shutdown your Windows computer.

There's no software running on your pc required, but it needs some configuration (see below), so this App is not for computer newbies!

Important: To be able to start your computer remotely you must have activated Wake-On-LAN in your BIOS. The PC must be connected via cable. It does not work with computers using WiFi!

To wake your Computer vom Hibernation, you must enable this feature for your network card:

1. On the target computer in Device Manager or in the network settings select the network card.
2. Click on: Properties
3. Click on the configure button of the network card.
4. Select the tab: Power management
5. Set a check mark at: Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby
6. Click on: OK
7. Continue to close all property pages.

To remotely shutdown your PC, your firewall must configured to allow WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).
UAC (User Account Control) must be turned off or you have to activate the local administrator account and set a password.
The remote registry service must be running, too. And there must be set a permission in your registry (Rights for WbemScripting must be given).

I wrote a batch script which enables everything for you.
You can download it from http://www.wurzbacher.org/setupremoteshutdown.zip
Run setup.bat as administrator, reboot. You can delete the files after that.

If it still doesn't work please write me an mail to tommy@wurzbacher.org

I spend much effort in my apps, so feel free to support me and donate some $$ via PayPal to tommy@wurzbacher.org

Note: This app uses the free j-interop (http://j-interop.org) and wakeonlan (http://www.moldaner.de/wakeonlan/) APIs.

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