Perfect Pie Portions



Have you ever gone to cut into a nice, hot, fresh pie (mmmm... pie) only to realize that there are seven people anxiously awaiting pieces? You know that if you cut the pie into eight pieces, you will end up witnessing a seven person royal rumble over who gets the last piece!

Well, worry no more! Now, with the Perfect Pie Portions app, you can divide any round, pie-shaped comestible into any number (up to 16) of perfectly uniform portions. Your fellow diners will be amazed!

Perfect Pie Portions will even match your designer kitchen appliances thanks to its stylish, finger print resistant, brushed stainless-look background.

Not tech savvy? No problem! Perfect Pie Portions is easier to use than a spoon!

Hundreds of uses including:
Pies (Apple, Peach, Pumpkin, Cherry, Lemon Meringue, etc)
Tarts (Butter, Fruit, Treacle, Egg, Custard, but not Pop-Tarts)
Cakes (birthday, wedding, funeral, black forest, angel/devil food, money, etc)
Flans (whatever the heck those are)

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