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Tired of your PHONE RUNNING SLOW? In Android, there are a lot of apps which keep running in the background even you are not using them. They suck up your phone's memory and processing power and drain your battery. This is the reason why your phone keeps getting slower as you install more and more apps on it.

THE SOLUTION - Kill the apps which you think are not needed to run. You can manually go to the system settings and kill each app, but that is a painful task. Using Performance Enhancer, you can do the same with a few clicks. All the information you need about your phone's performance is presented in a single dashboard.

**** PRO FEATURES ****

- Swipe to uninstall app
- Kill tasks immediately
- No Ads

From the dashboard, you can
- Monitor the CPU usage
- Monitor the RAM usage
- Monitor battery health
- Monitor how much memory each app is using
- Schedule tasks for killing
- Uninstall apps by swiping
- Kill tasks immediately

Thus all the information you need is presented to you and based on that you can decide which apps to kill.

For example, if you feel your phone is running slow, you can check the device dashboard to see the CPU and RAM utilization. Suppose you see that your RAM utilization is 95% and an app is utilizing 30% of your memory, you can mark it for automatic killing if you are not using it. It will free up your RAM and you will see a considerable difference in your phone's performance.

Other options available for App Killing
- Set a time frequency for killing the app. The app will get killed automatically after that time interval.

Other features
- View Running and Stopped Apps
- Share your dashboard with your tech savvy friends on different social networking platforms.

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