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HiddenPad will allow you to protect Personal Data and Passwords storing in a crypted file. You can Store Bancomat pin code, Credit Card code in easy and protected app.

Protects your personal data from unauthorized users and unfortunate event of phone theft or loss.

You can use scribble note for each item drawing DIRECTLY ON YOUR SMARTPHONE!

Latest version add 'Copy' function for Username and Password fields to speedup user performances.

PRO VERSION manage PRIVATE PHONE NUMBER and call it or send a sms without saving in the public addressbook.

PRO VERSION permits easily backup of your personal data. Protected data backup can be sent directly at you personal mail with menu action. (Backup INCLUDES all application data, crypted password and scribbles paints)

Protect your privacy also from Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spywares, Malwares, and from network computers and hackers who may try to steal your files when you connect to the Internet.

Only Master Key Owner can ben read data marked as PROTECTED or CRITICAL

Exported XML file contains only crypted data to warrant your security and can be read correctly only with Hidden Pad application.

Hidden Pad can be used in 'OPENED MODE' without input Master Key password for fast view of trivial data.

In 'PROTECTED MODE' HiddenPad use AES-256 to ensure best privacy of your data with a personal Master Key.

CRITICAL item cannot show data directly in the hidden pad main list to improve privacy.

New Features:
* New compact layout with Expand/Collapse items
* Add Copy function for Username and Password fields to speedup user performances.

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