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** How to: share link > Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser **

Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser is a project to send links from Android device to Google Chrome™ browser, consisting of:
* Android App
* Chrome Extension
* Dropbox service


Project site:
Contact me on twitter: @lgvalle


How does it works?

Android application will create a file in your Dropbox filesystem at:

It contains information about links in standard json format.

When you share a web link with Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser app it will add a new entry to this file.

In your computer, you just need to open Google Chrome™ browser and click on Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser extension button. It will open each link in a new tab.

Don't forget to install Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser extension! Visit Google Chrome™ browser Extensions Store and search for "Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser"

-- If you experience any problems after updating to 3.0 please consider clearing history and relink your account.

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