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Phone Explorer displays all communication hardware, sensors, devices and configuration values found on a Android Smart Phone or Android Tablet. Supported communication hardware are: NFC, USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, Cell, DHCP configuration and Network connections. Supported sensors are: gps, light, proximity, barometric pressure, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, orientation, rotation, linear accelerator and gravity. Supported devices are: camera, vibrator, keyboard, display, cell context, cell phone call status, cell phone number, cell carrier, cell phone sim, battery, file system, SD memory card, memory, cpu and audio (speaker and microphone).

The application provides options to list paired bluetooth devices, scan for bluetooth devices, list defined WIFI access points, scan for WIFI access points (including signal strength), list cell towers, list gps satellites, use the flashlight and view the camera (front and back). Many of the devices have options to view and change the device configuration. The app displays all configuration settings found on the device. A number of these settings are not displayed anywhere on the phone. Please be careful changing the configuration settings as some can have undesired side affects.

The application supports user preferences. The application provides multi-language (English, Spanish and Chinese) support. To switch languages, open the standard "Settings" application, select the "Language & Keyboard" item and then select the "Select Locale" item.

By making a small purchase within the app (uses the Play Store), the application provides a premium feature that does not display of ads. To upgrade, when running the app, open the menu and select "Upgrade".

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