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    Phone Finch is a dialer that pays you real money when you use it. (North America Only).

    Use this dialer to make phone calls and you'll be paid between one cent and twenty five cents for calls that you make to your friends, grandmother or anyone else. It doesn't matter who you call, you will be paid.

    You can be paid for one call per day, five calls per day, or unlimited calls per day.

    The more you use the dialer, the more money you make. Your earnings per call and your daily limit increase as you engage with the dialer.

    Your earnings are deposited directly to PayPal on your behalf. You don't even need a PayPal account to get started. PayPal will notify you when money has been sent to you. You may then withdraw the cash or spend it online by opening a free PayPal account.

    You are probably asking, "Why are you paying me to use this dialer?"
    Good question. Here's the answer: We are hoping to make this the best dialer available for Android phones. It still needs improvement and we would like your feedback on how we can improve it.

    We can't guarantee that you'll be paid forever and ever. But as long as the app is being improved, we'd like to compensate you for being part of our effort.

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