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    Phone Guarder is a good guarder which can help you lock your mobile phone screen. In the meantime, it protects your key button.

    Now, let me introduce its information in a detailed way.

    1. First, after you have installed this application, you click the icon of this app, Phone Guarder will run and the screen of your mobile phone will be locked automatically.

    2. When you want to use your mobile phone, such as making a call; you have to unlock the screen, what you need to do is just sliding your finger on the specific place on the screen. Then the screen is unlocked immediately.

    You have the same feeling with me that it is a little trouble through power button to lock screen. What’s worse, it can make the power button wearing down. Therefore, I want to find an easy and quick way to lock the screen of my mobile phone. I am lucky, I find it today. So I would like to share it with you.

    What I find is Phone Guarder. Phone Guarder is a free lock screen app that is used on Android mobile phone. It is a specialized tool to lock the screen. Only one-touch can lock the screen.

    I use this app and feel that this is really a good lock screen app for android, so I recommend it to you. In a way, I believe that this is the best lock screen app for android. I hope that you will like it.

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