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    Phone Protection is a screen lock of mobile phone, but it is better than the common screen lock because it can protect your privacy after you lock the screen. The common lock only one slide can unlock the screen, so anyone can use your mobile phone after you lock the screen. This is not good.

    Phone Protection solves this problem effectively. After you lock the screen, only you can unlock it. Let me tell you the secret of this app.

    1. The first time you use this lock, you can’t lock the screen. The system will require you to input a name and password. The user name only can be numbers and the password can be numbers or letters.

    2. You had better not save the user name and password in your mobile phone. You should remember it carefully, if you forget the user name or number, the last way is that turn off your phone and restart it.

    3. After you set the user name and password, you just touch the icon of this app, then your mobile phone will be locked.

    4. If you want to unlock the screen and use your mobile phone, you must input the user name and password. In this way, others who don’t know your user name and password can’t unlock the screen, so they can’t enter your mobile phone. Your individual privacy will be protected well.

    5. If you would like to support this screen lock, please give it five stars. Any advice will be welcomed.

    I almost forget to tell you that this screen lock is a free one. Your money is saved. Using the common screen lock also can lock your screen but your privacy will be dangerous.

    Phone Protection can help you protect your privacy in a good way. If you feel that the password or user name is known by others, you had better change it immediately.

    I hope this free screen lock for android will give you a good hand when you lock your screen.

    Independent of the type of lock chosen above, locks could be classified by what happens when the lock strategy prevents progress of a thread. Most locking designs block the execution of the thread requesting the lock until it can be allowed to access the locked resource. A spinlock is a lock where the thread waits until the lock becomes available. It is very efficient if threads are just likely to be blocked for a short period of time, as it avoids the overhead of operating system process re-scheduling. It is wasteful if the lock is held for a long time.

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