Phone Protector



    This application will help you to protect your phone against unanticipated uses.
    A Lock with a audible alarm system. You leave your phone around? On the table on the couch?
    This application plays an ALARM when someone moves or touches your phone to your phone. (Even if the phone is on mute or vibrate). The alarm will mute only after you enter your PIN.

    A email with the detail location of the phone can be send.

    So nobody will be able to touch your phone, change its place or even look at the screen.
    Better prevention and thief alarm system wide.

    The device will be available until you don't move it anymore ..
    It will be back in protection mode automatically ..

    Very useful if you have curious friends (s) too!

    Functions and operating modes:
    1) The alarm will be triggered if someone touch the screen of your phone.
    2) The alarm will be triggered if someone move your phone.
    3) To deactivate the alarm, you must enter a PIN.
    4) Send Email when bad Pin are used.
    5) detection ultra sensitive to touch.

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