Phone Reception Monitor



Make assessment on your cell phone signal strength by figures!
And you can also detect Wi-Fi signal strength!

What is the percentage of cell phone signal strength that your device can receive now?
This app can assess the signal strength of Android cell phone, communication providers and Wi-Fi by figures. By showing in percentage, it can tell you more specifically about signal status than traditional antenna level.

It provides 4 kinds of images to show signal strength: Human shape (3 antenna levels), Wave (4 antenna levels) and Radar & Chart (10 antenna levels)
And you can set what you like freely.
It also supports Widget!

“How much is the signal strength showing by 1 antenna bar?” “How strong is the signal strength here?” if you really have questions like these, you should try this app to know the specific signal strength!

Show signal strength by figures. (Smartphone or Wi-Fi)
Design can be changed.

※It may happen that in some phones the detecting result will be renewed less frequent.
※for example, if strength signal keeps being 0%, you can select “cell phone info-status” in “settings” in your device. Then the data will be renewed.

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