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Lets you schedule all kinds of events to happen on your phone.

  • Import/export schedules
  • Must set day

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This app lets you schedule all kinds of events such as changing brightness, ringer volume, toggling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Oddly you must set a day for the event to work, however you can schedule an event without setting a day.


This app is incredibly useful - it lets you schedule things such as brightness, silent mode on/off, launching an app, and if you're phone is rooted airplane mode on/off, plus more. It also lets you import and export schedules, great if you move phones a lot.


Oddly while you must set a day for a scheduled event to take place, it lets you schedule events without setting a day. It took me a little while to work out why event weren't happening, as I assumed that if I didn't set a day the event would just happen once.

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by Oliver

Feb 24, 2015

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