Phone Secure Watermark



Have you ever thought of having your identity on your mobile phone?
If yes then here's an opportunity...

This application helps you add a watermark to your phone. The applied watermark could be seen even if you open other applications...
Thus it behaves as an actual watermark....
This will help to prove that the device belongs to you...

Settings that could be done are,
1. On/Off - you could easily switch on/off the watermark
2. Text - You can decide on the text that should appear as a watermark
3. Size - size of the text can be decided by you....
4. Color - You can decide on the color of the watermarked text.
5. Transparency - You can decide on the amount of transparency of the text
6. Position - You can place the watermark in 9 different positions of the phone

Once you switch on the application the default position of the watermark is bottom-right of the phone...

This application is ad supported

In case of any difficulties please write to us at

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