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    With Phone Secure will have more chances of recovering your phone in case of theft by sending sms. Receive information via SMS and / or e-mail.


    The first time you start the Secure Phone shows the configuration screen where you enter the security code to access the next time and to run operations through SMS.

    We must also enter a phone number and email address to which we want to get notifications.

    Finally we have to enter the serial number of 1 or 2 SIM so that if you put any other than these, we send a text message indicating the new number. We can press the button to get automatically Read SIM serial number of our SIM.

    After pressing the Save Preferences button and you're all set.

    The next time you start Secure Phone will get a screen to enter the security code. If we forget the same login screen can indicate that you send us an sms or an e-mail with the code.

    Options sms / call

    NOTE: To test the application without having to spend money sending sms, Phone Secure every action executed after receiving a sms is equivalent to placing a call to a number.


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoPerdido Secure Phone will start to search the location by GPS and if it gets activated and tries WIFI antenna triangulation. Whenever I get the result send SMS to the number given in the configuration with the position (latitude and longitude) and if connected to the Internet we will also send an e-mail with the position and a link to Google Maps.

    We can test this option from your terminal by calling the number 101.


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoDesvio makes any call that is made from the phone is diverted to the number indicated in the configuration.

    Called equivalent: 102


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoNodesvio cancels call forwarding.

    Called equivalent: 103


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoAvion puts the phone in Airplane mode preventing any other message we send, but forcing anyone with our phone to restart and change the SIM.

    Called equivalent: 104


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoLlamame makes the phone vibrate a few seconds, you hear the sound of a siren on screen displays a message indicating it will proceed to call the owner of the phone and then calling the telephone number listed in the configuration.

    Called equivalent: 105


    Sent a sms with the text codigoAlarma makes it sound a siren sound when the phone is silent. This option can help us find our phone if we suspect it is close.

    Called equivalent: 106


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoBorrasms Phone Secure delete all sms from memory. This option can be useful if you have data in sms kermes not to see or simply delete all sms at once.

    Called equivalent: 107


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoBloqueo launches a screen indicating the phone is locked to prevent any thing that this message no longer blocking visible at any time.

    Called equivalent: 108


    Sending a SMS with the text codigoDesbloqueo unlocks the phone.

    From the phone itself can unlock it by entering the security code.

    -Permanent blocking

    Sending a SMS with the text codigoBloqueoper the phone freezes even if you reboot.

    Called equivalent: 109

    -Permanent unlocking

    Sending a SMS with the text condigoDesbloqueoper fully unlock the phone.

    Called equivalent: 110

    NOTE: Secure Phone should be excluded in the list of processes to kill in applications such as Task Killer.

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