Track down a mobile phone and land phone to it's last known city and state.

    The use of reverse-search technology and the scores of public records available through used to be the stuff of private investigators and officers of the law.

    So why do people use this technology? There are many reasons, some of which are simple conveniences. But there are some very serious reasons you may want to consider to see if using this service may benefit you. For example, in some cases, people use reverse cell phone lookups to identify and stop prank callers from harassing them continually.

    How many times have you received a call on your cell phone or Blackberry with no idea who the caller is. The Caller ID just says the number and you don't recognize it.

    Have you ever written down a number on a crumpled slip of paper or a napkin and stuffed it in your pocket, only to find later on that you have no idea whose number it is?
    Another serious benefit of reverse cell phone lookups is in determining who your children are speaking to on their cell phones.

    Reverse phone lookup capability offers a huge benefit in resolving potentially serious situations before they get out of hand.

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