Pick up the phone!!



* Need Android voice search
* Report on the button when the error occurred is a big help for troubleshooting

Now Without touching, pick up the phone with voice recognition can take it here!

When the phone ringing, just say word like "Hello" or "Hang up" than you can automatically pick/hang up the phone.
and also yon can answer/reject phone call using sensors!!


1. As voice recognition without touching the phone answer / end / mute mode.
2. Answering a call to the proximity sensor / switch silent mode
3. Telephone response feature to automatically turn on speaker phone
4. Phones run automatically at startup
5. Answering a call by shaking
6. Turn over ending call/silent
7. Add recognition keyword what ever what you want.
8. Voice Guidance
-Incoming call name or number will be read out automatically by TTS When Ring mode is ringer or earphone plugged in.(NEED TTS ENGINE)
9. Reject phone call
10. Send reject SMS message automatically


/ Shake / Plug In music/siri
/ Plug-ins Music / Shake manual /

Pick up the phone / answer / auto answer / voice recognition / series / phone reception / Proximity Sensor / Motion Detection / Reception / telephone / voice /

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