picton dog battery

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    PICTON the first of series battery!
    Battery widget that is the character the PICTON DOG.
    To display the battery level is, of course, with bonus can be on / off, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you tap the widget.
    Expression is also so much fun when you are charging, and see by all means, please

    * Has released a "PICTON DOG Battery Lite" free version
    (Version Limitations Lite)
    - Will be only three images. 100%,99%-20%,19%-0%
    (A number that indicates the remaining amount, the display is updated each time the remaining amount will vary)
    - There are no bonus to tap the widget

    Setting method
    1)Please press and hold the place nothing on the home screen
    2)Please choose a "widget" from the menu that appears
    3)A list of available widgets appears, please select "PICTON DOG Battery" from among its
    4)Widget will be displayed on the screen in more than HOME
    5)It becomes possible to move when moving the location of the widget, and press and hold the widget, please move to the location of your choice

    ※ Some of the available terminal, you may set slightly different way
    In that case, please place the widget after confirming the description of terminals available

    For security (permissions)
    * Local information
    Fine (GPS) location, we have to use on / off the GPS
    * Network communication
    Creation, we have to use on / off the Bluetooth connection Bluetooth
    * System Tools
    Bluetooth management, we have used to check the status of current Blutooth
    - Change takes advantage of the on / off of the state of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
    - Change, we have used to store system configuration information for the global setting
    * Network communication
    - The display has been used to check the status of the current state of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

    Non-use of the above, you can access security information is not

    Please read
    * If you are using (killer task-based application), please do not stop the application to this application can be stopped automatically unwanted apps
    Application Although this has a mechanism to automatically reset when you in case you stop, and it is unlocked screen, while stopped will not be updated if the remaining battery capacity of the widget, after that effect Please note
    * This application will not be able to move to SD card. (A limitation of Android, for widget does not work if you move to SD memory card)
    * Depending on the terminal is available, you may update the remaining amount is not only made every 10% (or such as the Samsung Moment, such as Motorola Droid / Atrix have been included in report)

    For PICTON DOG Battery
    PICTON battery series is an application that is intended a little bit of fun (cute) character in the battery power level
    This application, was produced as a character is a character of the PICTON DOG PICTON DESIGN WORK STUDIO
    I think Google Play, but there are a number of widgets available for free battery and multi-functional, sometimes widgets that you might want to set the HOME screen is not much and many
    PICTON battery in series, we plan to offer a variety of widgets aim to widget that you might want from time to time
    I hope you enjoy the series also set up a single battery PICTON your HOME screen

    Is the battery widget "SUGARSPOT" and "PICTON DESIGN WORK SUTUDIO" This application has been developed jointly by
    PICTON DESIGN WORK SUTUDIO design is in charge, SUGARSPOT is in charge of the program

    Such requests and questions about the application, please contact SUGARSPOT



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