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Designed by an airline pilot for airline pilots.

Disclaimer -
Fully functional beta version, including trip import feature, with expiration date of October 30, 2015. Full version will be free, however, importing schedules will cost 1.99 per month after beta version expires.

****Saved data will NOT be lost upon beta expiration.

****Import trip feature available for following airlines:


I will be glad to work with pilots from other airlines to extend this trip import feature to them as well. I will also be glad to work with pilots that currently have a trip importer to include the following extra import features available to United pilots.

*EXTRA IMPORT FEATURES* - Available to United (Legacy Continental and Legacy United CCS users):

**trip importer includes the importing of crew names (including DH pilots) for all flights in the trip being imported, crew meal information for every flight, and the following layover information: 'Hotel' (name and phone number), 'Ops' (phone number), 'Limo' (transportation service name and phone number), 'Pickup' (location at airport), and 'Return' (transportation service name, phone number and pick up time from hotel back to airport. All phone numbers can be clicked to make the call.

**An update crew list feature in the 'Day View' page for United pilots (Legacy Continental and Legacy United CCS users). To use, click on the '↓Crew' button from the 'Day View' page top button bar. You can then view the updated crew list categorized by flight numbers from the 'Day and Month View' pages. (Must have the 'United' option selected for the main preferences page 'Trip Import' category first.)


- Automatic backup of all logbook data to SD card (if inserted), or native phone memory (certain phone models).
- Keep track of overs/unders. Choose from 3 options: None, By Flight, or By Day.
- Tracks 'Minimum Pay Per Day' soft time based on user preference.
- Ability to save crew member names and comments.
- Ability to track actual AND scheduled out, in, and total times separately.
- Ability to backup or restore flight data to and from SD card manually.
- Ability to export logbook data to a CSV file.
- Display flights by 'Month' or by 'Day'. (Swipe left/right for previous/next month or day)
- Month Adjust preference provides the ability to set the starting and ending day for the month when viewing schedule in 'Month View' to allow a user to account for company defined month(s) that don't align with standard calendar month(s).
- FT, flight time, and CT, credit time displays in the 'Month' and 'Day View' pages. FT shows total actual flight time flown, while CT shows total credit time based on over/under and minimum pay per day preferences chosen by the user.
- Ability to view your schedule in a calendar.
- Ability to choose which page the application displays at start up.
- Crew rest calculator for computing break times for long haul flights.
- 'Totals' snapshot page for quickly viewing total flight hours in the last 7 and 30 days, 6 and 12 months, as well as landing currency (last 90 days).
- Preference for adding total flight time prior to using this application, so total flight hours in the 'Totals' snapshot page will reflect total flight time (both before and after using this app).
- Ability to get Metar(s) and Taf(s) for any airport.
- Ability to check live airline flight status information
- Ability to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
- Wind calculator (head/tail/cross)

****If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments that you would like a response to, please contact me at cal777flyer@gmail.com

****If you work for an airline not included in the trip import list, please contact me and we can work together to extend the trip import feature for pilots from your airline.

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