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All-in-one preflight tool for pilots. Developed by an actual pilot according to our needs in the daily routine to get all useful information in one single place.

-Weight & Balance calculations with editable database of aircraft
-Weather Services
-Pressure Altitude/Density Altitude/Headwind-Crosswind Calculation
-Notice to Airmen
-Pilot Reports
-Area Forecast
-Winds Aloft
-Weather Graphics (Airmet/Sigmet/Winds/Prognostic)
-Abbreviations Dictionary (Weather/NOTAM) from official Notice-to-Airman publication
-E6B (Wind Correction/Time-Distance/Converter)
-FAA Publications (AFD/Terminal Procedures)
-METAR/TAF switchable widgets at two sizes (1x4)(1x5)

Aviationweather.gov and FAA.gov websites are used to gather information.

Please visit my facebook page for any comments, requests and reports..

FIT Aviation's all planes are now in the database. This application is not related nor approved by FIT Aviation by any means. Use at your own risk... Other schools can send their own list of planes so I can add them into the database.

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